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Develop Presentation Visuals

Starting from a written outline, we developed the visuals for a 3 hour presentation for staff and supporters of a large community college. Using the theme they selected, we turned the minimal graphics provided into a complete and cohesive visual theme that complemented and livened up the entire event. This included developing scads of custom graphics, image treatments and animations that turned a collection of generic staff pictures into a colorful event.

Mindfulness Course – Milestone 1

This interactive module was developed to accompany the first week of an online course for educators about the implementing mindfulness curriculum in the K-12 classroom. In designing and developing it, we wanted to evoke a sense of calm focus while also engaging the learners about the history and results of scientific research on mindfulness in the classroom.

Used for link to course

Benefits of Mindfulness
Interaction slide

Practicing Mindfulness
Interaction Slide

Research Results

Conversion of Powerpoints to Interactive Modules

This course originally featured four Powerpoint “lectures,” completely text based. The client asked us to convert these to interactive modules that would engage learners in the content and improve retention. We used Articulate Storyline 360 to develop colorful and thought-provoking modules suitable for the audience of professional educators.

Animated Marketing Videos

This client enlisted us to script and produce a series of seven animated marketing videos for their website. Each video spoke a specific concern, and spoke to how their educational products presented a top-quality, affordable and customizable solution. After scripting and storyboarding each topic, we developed custom characters, settings and action using goAnimate. Professional voiceover actors and music gave the videos a polished but friendly feel.

Process Overview Training

Client originally wanted the entire process (shown in last image) as an in-depth training. We knew this would be too long of an engagement to promote retention, so we formulated a solution that included a 15 minute overview training with an attached job aid that included the relevant details.

Regional Roles
Identify Candidates
Complete Matrix

Driving Process Engagement

This project was developed to address 2 main issues (1) the importance of the process itself, addressed by creating a scenario between a character and his “mentor,” who used the process and had great success with it; and (2) an overview of the roles and responsibilities within the process. The technical tasks involved in the process were all familiar to the audience, so the driving of engagement and subsequent action was most important than the “how.”

Process Initiation
Preparing Response
Process Execution Details
Process Execution Details

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